Dr. Felix Lorenz

The large family of Egg-Cowries (also known as False- or Spindle-cowries) comprises approximately 250 described species which live in all tropical and temperate seas. They are commensals, parasites or predators of various groups of Anthozoa, mainly gorgonids and soft-corals. This website was created to offer a forum and source of information for anybody interested in shells and animals of the gastropod family Ovulidae. The goal of the project is to study and describe the worldwide diversity of this family and related groups, to form a pool for data, photos, animal-samples, shells and observations.

The newly discovered cheripodium

The Ovulid-Book
The book "The Living Ovulidae"- only a few copies left!

The state of research
Notes on taxonomy and field-work done on Ovulidae

Diminovula culmen on its host, Dendronephthya sp. at 25 m. Irian Jaya 2005 (DA)