The Living Ovulidae

A Manual of the Families Ovulidae, Pediculariidae and Eocypraeidae

by Felix Lorenz & Dirk Fehse

The book on Ovulidae and related families reviews and summarizes today's knowledge of these interesting gastropods. The book gives descriptions, discussion, comparison and a critical taxonomic revision of all living taxa. Information on habitat and distribution, rarities and size ranges, along with more than 250 colour plates depicting well over 2000 specimens, including holotypes, and hundreds of in situ photos of living animals  give the first comprehensive monograph on the "allied Cowries" since Cate's (1973) work in The Veliger.
A large gallery of living animals on their hosts is shown, an identification-key to the genera, a complete synonymy and a large account of references make this book an indispensible tool for collectors and scientists.

650 pages, 203 colour plates of shells and 375 illustrations of living animals, descriptions of 19 new species and 4 new genera.
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The idea for a book on Ovulids had been in both author's minds for a while. In 2003 they met by chance at a shell-show in Paris. On discussing how great it would be to have a modern, illustrated reference  on the Ovulidae and related families, they decided to write one. After six years of assembling this book they are hopeful that it will help collectors and scientists to find access to this poorly understood yet fascinating group of gastropods.

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